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Cluster Mailboxes-The future for new contruction neighborhoods

With new-home sales on the rise, you may notice something different while driving down those streets. Cluster Mailboxes.    The US Postal Service has the authority to specify how they will deliver mail. As Cluster Mailboxof January 2015, in an effort to cut delivery costs, builders and developers of new neighborhoods will be required to use cluster mailboxes instead of individual boxes.

What are Cluster Mailboxes?

The USPS defines cluster units as free standing mailboxes containing 8, 12, 13 or 16 individual mailboxes and parcel compartments.

Budget Cuts

By cutting down on the number of stops made, the USPS is saving money on fuel, delivery vehicle wear and tear as well as carrier salaries.


Another plus to these new boxes is security. With the mail under lock and key, there is a far less chance that identity thieves will be able to take your letters, bills and checks.

Large Packages

What about those who do a lot of internet shopping? If you receive a package too big for your individual mailbox, the carrier will leave a key for the parcel box in your individual mail compartment.