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What is the Guaranteed Sale Program?

I often get asked what the deal is with the billboard and car wraps that say, “Your home sold, guaranteed or I will buy it from you”. I thought it sounded like a great deal too until I asked one of my friends who has a million billboards all over Atlanta what the scoop was. He said that he really never buys any homes because when he tells folks the terms, no one is willing to sell their homes for the deal they propose. The deal is that they will have your house appraised and you will give them the opportunity to list the house and try to sell it for the appraised price. If it doesn’t sell for the appraised price then they will purchase it at the end of 90 days for 65% of the appraised value. So, if your house was worth $200,000 they would pay you $130,000 for it. If someone owned a house that was worth $200,000 would they ever agree to take $70,000 less than its worth? No. That is why he never has to buy a house. It is a terrible deal, but it does get a lot of people to call him and that is the big reason for the billboards. If you are interested in this deal and would be willing to sell your house for 65% of the current value, please call me first. I would love to talk to you about buying it myself.